Cargo Bicycle

Cargo Bicycle is a project aimed towards using bicycles as an alternative to fossil fuel powered vehicles. This bicycle is inspired by the European style "long john" cargo bike. The long built-in basket is low and in between the wheels which increases stability and handling under load. I built the cargo bicycle with the pieces of two unused bicycles. By making and using my cargo bike I have recycled a pair of bicycles and am encouraging more sustainable modes of transportation.

I am glad to add that with the cargo bicycle, I participated in a local thanksgiving food drive called Cranksgiving. Cranksgiving dispatches teams of cyclists to collect food for local food banks who in return make thanksgiving a possibility for less fortunate communities. This food drive is all done by bicycle. I used the large cargo bay of this bicycle to collect 80 pounds of water and food. With the cargo bike I am able to actively help my community by addressing issues of environmental, sustainability, and economic disparity. Bike Pic.jpg Website Blank_v3.jpg