Saying Sorry a Hundred Times

How many times have you said sorry? Is saying the word itself enough to deserve forgiveness? With Saying Sorry a Hundred Times, 100 wood boxes were manufactured systematically, section by section, each part exactly the same. Made with more than 2000 passes on the table saw; creating or adjusting a jig for each part. I hoped the endless repetition would grant some sort of penitence. The boxes have no exterior finish; soft to the touch. Despite all parts being made with the same jig at the same time, each box is still different than the other, flawed from the human hand.
These boxes were arranged at Franconia's Casket gallery in Minneapolis, MN. Existing as a whole art object only once. After this show, I began to give away the boxes. Each box is a gift from my hands to another. Some hold the mundane cell phone and change, but others are small reliquaries transformed back to art objects. I hope each box is cherished, imbued with my spirit. Straightened, croppped, and edited for color - Webstie size.jpg - Boxes Detail - New Tone Edited - Less Green - Light Floor - Red Tint 3.jpg Quarter Shot of boxes edited for tone 3 - Box Edited out & No poo - Website Size.jpg